How to Create your Student Account

Student accounts may be created in one of the following ways:

The following describes each of the options


Your Teacher gives you a Class Code

A teacher may create a class in Edcite and give you a class code.   To create your account, go to the Edcite home page at  and click on the Students - Join Class button.

Enter the class code and click join class.  This opens a page where you will be asked to verify your teachers name.  Follow the rest of the instructions there to create your account.

Email Invitation from Teacher

A teacher may create a student account and send you an invitation to do an assignment.   Included with the first assignment email, is a link to create a student account on Edcite.   

Click on the create account link and create a student account for yourself.

Teacher Creates a Student Account for You

When email is not being used, the teacher will create a student account for you.  The teacher will have student login and password for your account.  You will need to obtain the login and password from the teacher.

Once you obtain the login and password, go to  and click on USER SIGN IN to login to your account.  If the teacher has sent you an invitation to do an assignment, you will find a notification on your notifications panel on the right side of your screen.

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