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Actionable Data

Our Edcite Schools premium reports allow administrators and teachers to analyze assessment data at the district, school, classroom, teacher, intervention group, and student level. Request a demo to learn more!

Build Collaboratively with Edcite Schools

Build Collaboratively

Create a private library wherein your school or district teams can build and share common assessments.

Distribute Common Assessments with Edcite Schools

Distribute Common Assessments

Use versatile distribution settings to customize delivery of assessments to multiple classes across schools.

Respond to Data with Edcite Schools

Respond to Data

Explore data at all levels: by District, School, Teacher, Classroom, or Student. Deep dive or analyze aggregate data.

Tag to Standards with Edcite Schools

Tag to Standards

Gather meaningful data about student performance by standards that are state specific.

Efficient Management with Edcite Schools

Efficient Management

Create role-based accounts for coaches, team leaders or admins. Upload class rosters & group students easily.

State-Aligned with Edcite Schools


Provide students an aligned testing experience with state-aligned assessment format, tools, and accomodations.

Ready-To-Use Item Bank with 150,000+ Questions!

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