Online Assessment Platform | Edcite Publisher

Enhance your K12 Content
with Interactive Assessments

Proven Experience

30 million questions answered by students

Versatile Authoring

Use 60+ item types with a simple editor interface

Flexible Deployment

Integrate with any LMS or use Edcite Schools

Satisfy Modern Assessment Requirements

Create an Engaging Student Experience

Bring content alive for all students

  • Students can receive immediate feedback on assignment completion
  • Includes accessibility options such as text-to-speech
  • Enable tools for students—calculators, periodic tables and more—at the assignment or question level
Choice of viewers gives students practice aligned to state needs

Provide Insight into Student's Performance

Flexible Delivery Model


Simplest to manage

  • Fixed annual cost
    Usage fee based on submissions
  • Training for 4 Authors
  • Tier 1 Support by Publisher
    Tier 2 Support by Edcite
  • All Upgrades
  • All Features and Hosting


Requires student accounts

  • Fixed annual cost
    Per-student fee for unlimited usage
  • Training for 6 Authors
  • Tier 1 Support by Publisher
    Tier 2 Support by Edcite
  • All Upgrades
  • All Features and Hosting


Full rostering with Edcite Schools

  • Fixed annual cost
    Per-student fee for unlimited usage*
  • Training for 8 Authors
  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 Support
    by Edcite
  • All Upgrades
  • All Features and Hosting

*Paid by customer or publisher

Direct-to-Student Teacher-Managed School-Managed
Features for Publishers
Build a private library of digital content
Create digital content using 70+ interactive question types
Distribute content to schools, teachers, or direct to students
Track usage counts to predict customer satisfaction
Anonymized assignment reports to check assignment integrity
Embed Edcite's digital assignments into your website
Control access to content by school or teacher
Integrated login to Edcite with your website
Customizable landing pages for your customers
Features for Students
Get immediate feedback from automatically graded digital assignments
Students can independently practice with digital content
Access content easily via uploading accounts or with a class code
Utilize accommodations such as text to speech and other tools to meet legal requirements
Complete assignments using a viewer that aligns to their state test
Features for Teachers
View content from publisher and complete assignments themselves
Create and manage classes of students
Direct assign content to students and customize assignment settings
View class reports to improve instruction
Pre-Upload teacher's classes and students to save teachers time
Reports Hub and advanced reporting for teachers
Features for Administrators
See usage reports from their campus or district across all teachers
Send publisher content across multiple teachers and classes within a school/district for common assessments
Choose from 10 Edcite Reports for administrators to view data across multiple teachers and classes
Customize Data Viewers and other roles for admin by grade or school

Integration Options

Clever and Google Classroom for Single Sign On (and Roster Syncs) and custom solutions available
Open to integration with any LMS, SIS or Gradebook solutions
LTI/QTI: Allow import of previously created digital items (coming in Spring 2019)
API level access to export data into SIS or Gradebook solutions can be requested for additional cost

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